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Dr. Arvind MayaramChairman, PPP Experts

From Chairman's Desk

Since 2011, PPP Experts has provided excellent support to national and local govern-ments through a network of PPP centres and government agencies across the globe in the delivery of skills and management training on the practical applications of Public Pri-vate Partnerships in public infrastructure and services. The reach of its contribution has been extensive covering professionals at all levels, from those starting their careers in the field to CEOs and senior government functionaries.

PPP Experts has a very competent set of trainers who bring practical experience and the-oretical knowledge to those who are responsible for managing PPPs for efficient delivery of public infrastructure and services. The complex universe of PPPs, right from the time of the inception of the idea to the management of processes in a transparent and predicta-ble manner, addressing issues of long term financing, appropriate risk allocation and long term management of the partnership which requires periodic review and readjust-ment of risk sharing framework requires very skilled and competent personnel. The ever increasing availability gap of skilled personnel is a major challenge for governments, more so in developing countries. PPP Experts provides general and specific, bespoke so-lutions to capacity building needs to bridge this gap.

PPP Experts have been regularly organising flagship conferences on PPPs in different fields in collaboration with governments and other sponsors to deliver state of the art knowledge products. To provide the entire suite of services to support PPP programmes, we have also been providing, through our advisory practice, legal, financial and commer-cial advice to governments. Drawing upon experiences and best practices across the globe, we customise solutions keeping in mind the needs of the clients.

PPPs have expanded beyond what are considered the “core” sector into SDG related pro-jects. These projects require very innovative and creative modelling of projects and risk sharing framework. PPP Experts is fully equipped to add this new dimension to the suite of services it provides. I am confident that in close collaboration with host governments and other partners, PPP Experts would continue to enjoy the trust of its partners and con-tinue to to widen and deepen the understanding of the universe of PPPs and the bene-fits it can bring in improving delivery of public infrastructure and services in an inclusive manner.

I am very pleased to join PPP Experts as chairman.

Thank you for your constant support.