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Anthony Smith

Chairman, PPP Experts

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to PPP Experts.

I founded PPP Experts in 2011 based upon the firm belief that the realisation of the many benefits of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) across the world depended upon capable individuals supported by appropriate commercial, legal and financial structures. After many years in the industry I had seen too many PPP programmes struggling due to a lack of capacity, capability and firm foundations.

Initially, we focused on the delivery of skills and management training on the application of Public Private Partnerships. We’ve worked with a network of PPP centres and government departments across the globe, both at local and national level to promote PPP, supporting professionals at all levels, from new graduates, all the way to CEOs and senior government officials. Our PPP trainers are, of course, all highly qualified and experienced experts in their field, but above all we pride ourselves on being approachable, pragmatic and, most importantly, helpful. We now offer many external training events each year, but we also provide our clients with bespoke in-house training solutions, all the way up to integrated career management programmes for PPP practitioners.

Partnership is about sharing. Sharing comes through trust and trust requires effective communication. Early in our journey we realised that there was a need for events to help new the leaders of aspiring PPP programmes to communicate between themselves and participate in the global PPP community. Since then we’ve run managed many global conferences, helping to share emerging best practice and opportunities. Today we have established several annual PPP events in sectors as diverse as healthcare, solar energy and airports across three continents.

For many PPP is a very different way of doing business with its own established approaches that are often very different from the way the public sector procured assets and services in the past. Training is of course essential, but having the support of experienced practitioners at one’s side, advising based upon recent relevant experience, can be decisive. Consequently, we have successfully developed an advisory practice within PPP Experts, with the ability to act as a lead, legal, financial and commercial adviser to PPP programmes and projects. This team draws upon the hundreds years of collective experience of our advisers across the breadth of the globe with exceptional experience in the key PPP sectors.

We are a company of original thought, innovation and commitment. Whilst we draw upon the substantial emerging best practice in PPP, we aren’t in the business of simply peddling standardised solutions come what may. PPP is a flexible tool and objectives, requirements and constraints differ markedly across the globe. Let’s embrace PPP’s flexibility and effectiveness to deliver real and lasting economic benefits to more of the world’s citizens.

Thank you for your support.